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Outsourcing Services

Global Solutions offers you outsourcing services for custom application development. Our team expertise and quality is your reliable source of bespoke business solutions and custom software. Certified quality management system gives many win-win opportunities both for us and for our customers.

If you chose GLOBAL SOLUTIONS as the outsourcing service provider, you score a number of advantages:

  • You save money receiving high-quality services at good price. Delegate your software development to our dedicated team to save on salaries for staff experts;
  • You save time as our company takes upon itself the whole scope of logistics of the works execution;
  • You receive extra income as you have the possibility to increase the amount of services sold to a customer;
  • You optimize your team transferring a part of work over to the outsourcing company;
  • You reduce workload of your accounts department as you reduce the number of direct labor contracts.