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Software localization

GLOBAL SOLUTIONS offers its customers to take advantage of software localization. Localization means translation and adaptation of interface elements.

The process of localization includes:

  • translation of user interface, including images, voice announcements and documentation;
  • guarantee of system operation in accordance with local standards;
  • modification of the code fragments that handle region-specified data formats (date, time, phone numbers etc.);
  • guarantee of the correctness of lexicographic sorting of lines in accordance with the target language rules;
  • setup of printing on the standard paper size for the given region;
  • checking of the relevance and permissibility of the used symbols, images, colour combinations, musical fragments etc. in the culture of the target audience.

There is an important difference between internationalization and localization. Internationalization is adaptation of the product for potential use practically anywhere, while localization is an addition of special functions for the use in a specific region.

Parameters which are important both for internationalization and localization include:

  • Language
  • Text
  • Alphabets
  • Text direction - from left to right, from right to left
  • Numbering system
  • o In the majority of modern systems Unicode is used for working with texts (more of a common practice rather than a rule)
  • Graphic text presentation (printed materials, pictures with the text)
  • Audio text
  • Captioning data in video streams
  • Date and time format, including different calendars
  • Time zone
  • Currency
  • Images and colours
  • Titles and headlines
  • Phone numbers, regional and international postal addresses and postal codes
  • Formats of numbers, set by national department (such as Tax Identification number and All-State Nomenclature of Business and Organizations)
  • Units of measure and weight
  • Format of electronic documents